Competition & Handicap Committee

Minutes of the Unified Handicap Committee Meeting - 28th February 2017

Those Present: R. Pudney (G.O.M), D. Crosby, C. Watson, M. Foster (President), D. Stuart (Chairman), P. Ellis (Treasurer),
M. Jackman (Captain), B. Nash.

Apologies: D. Clarke, T. McCallin.

1.  Previous Minutes: Chris Watson pointed out under Item 3 Gender Specific tees should read Non Gender Specific tees. Otherwise Minutes agreed and any matters arising are caught under the Agenda of this meeting.

2.  Mixed and Men’s Competitions Entry Forms: Men’s Winter 4 ball up to date with the final to be played shortly.  Entry sheets for this year’s competitions posted on relevant boards and filling up nicely.  Rush Trays entry sheet to include a section for single players available to play and seeking a partner.

3.  N.C.G.U. Handicap League 4bbb: Matches against Royal Cromer, Sheringham and Sprowston Manor home and away have been fixed. Matches against Royal Norwich to be confirmed.

4.  Club Championship Men: The First round will be Saturday 29th July and second round on Sunday 30th July. Start sheets will be posted up as normal for the Saturday and on Sunday the start sheet will be determined by finishing order in scratch division on Saturday.(leaders out last).       10 minutes between tee times.

5.  Saturday Start Sheets: No problem with shortened Saturday tee times sheet at the moment but as summer comes along and more people want to play earlier we may have to add back some tee times.

6.  Non Gender Specific Tees: After much discussion it was decided a two tee system would be brought into operation and to be known as the Longer Course and the Shorter Course with tee markers to be coloured white and yellow respectively.  Chris Watson to speak to the Ladies Section and find out if there is an appetite to use the Longer Course for any of their competitions and revert.  Similarly the Seniors Section Captain would be asked to ascertain if the seniors Section would consider using the Shorter Course in some Senior competitions and revert.
Before the new courses are brought into general use fresh stroke index will be required for both ladies and gents playing over both courses and amended score cards will have to be printed at a cost of £600 /£700 (probably 2018) as the present stock was only brought into use recently. Potential of tee sponsorship was discussed to fund the new tee furniture requirement and agreed the GOM would investigate costs and options and revert.

7.  Priority on the Course : After discussion it was agreed that single players would have no priority on the Course and appropriate Notices would be placed in both the Ladies and the Gents locker rooms and on the Notice Board in the entrance foyer.

8.  Amalgamated Conditions: Dave Crosby and Chris Watson to meet Tuesday 7th March to discuss and take forward to the next UHC Meeting.

9.  Presentation Evening: Went off well with thanks expressed  to the President for presenting the Trophies.

10.  A.O.B: 
A:  New local rule was adopted as sent out by the R&A re Accidental Movement of a Ball on the Putting Green – Notices to be placed in both the Ladies and the Gents locker rooms and on the Notice Board in the entrance foyer.
B:  Seniors Open – Thursday 18th May -Emails to be sent to last year’s entrants and also to other Golf Clubs in Norfolk inviting them to enter.
C:  Business AmAm. – 3rd August 2017 - As David Craske will not be organising it this year Pat Jackman and the Captain offered their assistance to Dave Crosby in running the event.
D:  The Mail on Sunday Golf team competition is not to be run  in 2017. An alternative team competition called Annodata team match play golf is to be set up with entries by 20th March 2017.  Possible to have up to two teams enter for both ladies’ and men’s sections. The cost of entry per team is £60 and the Chairman has offered to sponsor a men’s team (thank you).
E:  Tree on 8th hole.  It was mentioned that with a view to cutting costs the Greens committee had talked about taking out the tree in the middle of 8th fairway. At this stage no decision has been made but as a start Chris Watson was asked if she would put this to the Ladies Section to see what they thought about it.

Dave Crosby

Minutes of the Unified Handicaps and Competitions Committee - 21st October 2016

Those Present: A. Epton (Captain), J. Assheton (Chairman),
R. Pudney (G.O.M), D. Crosby, D. Clarke, C. Watson, B. Nash and P. Jackman

Apologies: M. Foster (President).

1.Matters Arising: C. Watson had said she was in favor with gender tee's and not the ladies as in minutes. Dave Crosby apologized.

2. 18/9 Hole Course Ratings: Certificate of Standard Scratch for Qualifying Competitions has been received.

3. Gender Specific Tee's: It was agreed to hopefully start this in the New year.

4. More Uniformity for Marking Cards for Handicap: After much discussion, ladies way still different to men’s but getting closer to unity.

5. Club Competitions: It was agreed that any player in drawn matches could contact opponents with dates on availability.

6. Mixed Competitions: Entry sheets to be put up earlier and column on sheet for players who are looking for a partner.

7: Trophies for engraving: Competitions will all be finished November 14th.

8: Men’s Club Championship: After discussion it was agreed to make it over a Saturday and Sunday on a weekend earlier in the calendar.

9: Saturday Start Sheet : After discussion it was agreed to have bookable tee times from 8.00 to 9.04 thereafter open for anyone to turn up and play after 9.12.

10: Letter to Mr. Perryman: It was agreed to write a letter back to him in reference to one received from himself.

11:A.O.B: Better Placed notices or monitoring was needed when Ladies matches are being played.

Dave Crosby

Minutes of the Unified Handicaps and Competitions Committee - 14th June 2016

Those Present: A.Epton (Captain), J.Assheton(Chairman), M.Foster (President), R. Pudney (G.O.M), D. Crosby, D. Clarke,

Apologies: C.Watson, B.Nash, P.Jackman and D.Clarke

1. Matters Arising: None

2. Saturday start sheets: It was discussed to see if we could do away with them as only four or five of tee times were used out of eleven. As Saturdays between 11.30 onwards (Tee closed until then) had become more popular, and this could free up the tee for people to start before 11.30 as they do on week days. It was decided to look at the start sheets for 6 weeks to get some numbers of people playing.

3. Gender Free Tee's: As some clubs in Norfolk had started using them it was discussed and felt we should implement them next year, Two tee's for each hole. As the course is to be rated by the county to do with Slope handicap system they could assess our new gender tee's for ladies and men’s cards. As this was not a unified meeting Dave Crosby had spoken to Chris Watson about Gender tee's and was told the Ladies were in favour of it.

4. Order of Merit: Dave Crosby to speak to David Clarke.

5. Men’s Summer Competitions: All up to date at this present time.
It was discussed about the way match playing dates are fixed. At the moment the player or players drawn out first would contact opposing player/players,but it was decided that as from next year that any player out of the drawn match could contact the opposing team to fix a playing date.

6. A.O.B. None

Dave Crosby

Minutes of the Unified Handicaps and Competitions Committee - 15th March 2016

Item 1: Previous Minutes Matters Arising. None.

Item 2: V1 Software Update: R.P(G.O.M) Looked into it, but cost of Update which included training was Expensive
and all agreed not essential for us at this present time.

Item 3: Rush Tray Rules: Competition rules on handicaps for this is, there is a limit 24 men/30 ladies(was this the highest handicap given when competition first started). It was felt that men's to be28 and ladies 36 should be implemented.
Dave Crosby to speak to Derek/Vivian Rush for their view.

Item 4: New Club handicaps:  After much discussion it was unanimously agreed if need up to 54 Handicaps could be given out. But it was also agreed that Trophy competitions would still have a handicap limit of 28 men and 36 Ladies. Monthly Stableford and Medals full h/cap would apply.

A.O.B.: Dave Crosby to speak to social chairman about handicaps on social competitions.

Minutes of the Mundesley Golf Club Unified Handicaps and Competitions Committee - 3rd July, 2015

Those Present: R. Pudney (G.O.M), D. Crosby, C. Watson, D. Clarke, D. Clarke.

Apologies: D. Craske (Captain), J. Assheton (Chairman),  M. Foster (President), C. Bray, B. Nash

1. Matters Arising: Chris Watson asked if the Saturday start sheets had gone back on the notice board . They have.

2. Club Championship Men: 36 holes scratch and handicap as last year.
It was discussed if making it over the Saturday/Sunday , 18 holes each day would it encourage members who did not want or could not play 36 holes in one day. The feeling was to send out a survey to members to find out what they would prefer.

3. N.C.G.U. Handicap League 4bbb: All six matches arranged four in July and two in August.

4. Sunday Morning Start Sheet: This was discussed but in the end it was felt that as we only had half the committee and with a Board meeting on 6th July we could have more input to come up with a solution.

5. A.O.B: D.Clarke has had no correspondence from Royal Norwich about scratch league match. Ryan had not either.
Dave Crosby said Rush Trays/Hoare Cup/Jubilee Shield  knockouts all running to schedule.
Dave Crosby was asked by David Briggs to look at Louis Briggs handicap as she had been ill and felt her handicap needed looking at. Chris Watson said they will be reviewing  ladies handicaps this month and would take this in hand.

Dave Crosby

Minutes of the Mundesley Golf Club Unified Handicaps and Competitions - 12th May 2015

Those Present: D.Craske (Captain), J.Assheton (Chairman), B.Nash, R.Pudney (G.O.M), D.Crosby, C.Bray, C.Watson,

Apologies: M.Foster(President) D.Clarke, D.Clarke

Item 1 Matters arising from previous meeting. --NONE

Item 2 Mixed Open went ahead No problems. Mens open had 30 entries for Thursday14th May

Item 3 Norfolk C G U men's 4bbb league. Matches against Sheringham. . Home and away have been arranged for 11th and 18th of July .
Matches against Weston Park and Costessey Park still to be arranged.

Item 4 Rush Trays. Rule in the event of a tie Dave Crosby to speak to Derek&Vivian Rush

Item 5 Saturday/Sunday start sheets still to be kept in pro shop .

Item 6 As we have on June 6th a men's scratch match /Monthly Stableford and the Coronation . Bronze Bogey we have rearranged the Coronation Bronze for the 29th August .

Item 7 Seniors Start sheet was discussed. They have 20 start times of 6 minute gaps it was felt . they should be 8 minutes as the start sheet was rarely full normally less than 30 It was felt tee . closure 8am until 930am 11 tee times 8 till 9.20. Dave Crosby to speak to the Seniors Captain

Dave Crosby
29th August 

Minutes of the Mundesley Golf Club Unified Handicap and Competition Committee - 9th February 2015

Those Present: D.Craske (Captain),J.Assheton (Chairman),M.Foster(President),
R.Pudney (G.O.M),D.Crosby,C.Bray,C.Watson,D.Clarke,D.Clarke,

Appologies: B.Nash

Item 1 Matters arising from previous meeting. Chris Watson asked if all the Men's competition cards would be checked from now on to make sure each one had been signed. Ryan said that it  
was now in operation.    
Item 2 Winter f/ball b/ball incident. This was discussed and the wording in the competitions       
conditions and regulations has been amended                                                                                

Item 3 As a unified committee should rules for all competitions be the same for all sections of the club. This was agreed unanimously.                                                                                                 

Item 4 Club Open Competitions.  Ryan has email all clubs with details and entry forms.              

Item 5 Men and Ladies Annual handicap. Reviews have been done and posted on                        
relevant boards.                                                                                                                                  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Dave Crosby                                                                                                                               

Minutes of the Mundesley Golf Club Unified Handicap and Competition Committee - 13th October 2014

In attendance: S.Craske, C.Watson, R.Pudney, B Nash, B Quantrill & J Assheton.

Apologies: B Roper

We fully discussed all items listed below and I thank you all for your contribution, I would also like to thankyou all for the help you have given me over the past year.

• Previous minutes

1. Just one item raised, this being a correction to wording, SC to correct.

• Men’s Invitation day

1. Unfortunately we have had to cancel Men’s invitation day for the past couple of years (2013 & 2014), due to lack of support. 2012 we did run Invitation day with 8 Pairs taking part, 2013 we only had 5 pairs interested in the day and this year 2014 on 3 pairs took interest in the day. After discussion we have decided not to run this competition next year, however it may be a competition that could be reintroduced with fresh ideas in years to come. 

• RNLI Cups

1. Chrissie asked where the cups are kept at present as the Ladies had played for this competition. These cups are currently kept in Ryan’s office, they will be Engraved with the winners names and kept in the Cabinet.

• Wording of Knockout Comps (When an extension has been granted)

1. Chrissie discussed a situation the Ladies section had come across, regarding an extension given to a lady for their knockout competition.

2. The Ladies section have changed their wording in there Competitions conditions and regulations policy, regarding the extensions of Knockout Competitions.

3. Stuart to update the Men’s Competitions conditions and regulations policy with the same wording as the Ladies.

• Howdidido or Howdididont!!!!!

1. There have been a few issues with Competitions not being published on Howdidido.

2. Ryan explained that Howdidido regularly update their system’s i.e. running of updates that will hopefully resolve these issues.

3. Ryan suggested that if there are problems in the future that he is informed, he will then be able to raise any issues with them.

• Club Mixed Competitions

1. After discussion we decided that winners of the Centenary Mixed pairs and Coronation Bronze, more specifically the Lady of the winning pair will receive a Posey of Flowers on the day.

• Presentation evening

1. This year’s presentation evening will be based on the same format as the previous last two evenings, our president Tony Lake will present the Trophies and will be accompanied but the relevant Captain from each section.

2. Order of presentation will be Ladies, Mixed, Juniors, Seniors and Men’s.

3. Ryan to send out invitations to all Trophy winners.

4. Stuart to Liaise with Ryan, Chrissie, Our Club Captain, Ladies Captain, Seniors Captain and Junior organizer
• 9 Hole Alliance Competition

1.  Last week MGC hosted the 9 Hole Alliance competition on Sunday 7th October.

2. Chrissie asked what had been the format for the day, Ryan explained this to us all.

3. We also discussed how the team had been picked and the setup of the team, Stuart explained that Ryan and he had discussed this shortly after we had won this competition last year. We had then decided to select the same players that had played and won this completion that year.

4. After further discussion we decided that the from now on this team would be selected be by the Club Captain. He will liaise with each section of the club, picking different members of the club to play each year. All of us thought this was a good way for the team to be selected

• AOB 

1. Chrissie asked how many players of Men’s competitions this year had been disqualified, due to not signing there card. Ryan and Stuart both said none, Ryan explained how the cards were checked and no other point was raised regarding this matter.

2. Stuart took this opportunity to thank John Assheton for his support at all competition this year.

3. Matthew Craske had once again broken the course, with a 61. We will get this card transferred to the frame that houses the course record card. Stuart to get a photo of Matthew with the car, this I will send to the EDP with a small write up

No other matters were raise.

Minutes of the Mundesley Golf Club Unified Handicap and Competition Committee - 17th March 2014

In attendance: S.Craske, C.Watson, B.Roper, R.Pudney, B Nash, B Quantrill & J Assheton.

• Previous minutes

1. No matters were raised related to the previous minutes. Stuart did however thank the Ladies section for the great job that had done, whilst changing their stroke index’s on the Tee info boards.

• Last years competitions

1. Last years competitions had gone well, with new winners having their names engraved on the Trophies. Also the 2013 presentation evening had gone well with the same format planned for this year’s presentation evening.

• This years competitions

1. This years competition will get started in the next couple of weeks. The entry sheets are up for the Men’s Hoare cup, Jubilee Foursome’s and the Rush trays Draws will take place for these on Sunday 30th March.

2. Seniors Open is being held on Thursday 15th May, this has been advertised on the Website, on the club notice board and notices have been sent to other clubs. Hopefully this will once again be well supported.

• Coronation Bronze/Centenary Mixed pairs

1. We decided that we would once again try to encourage more people to play in these competitions this year. Leaflets/notices will once again be placed in the changing rooms and on the club house tables.

2. Stuart to have a word with David Craske to obtain the names of couple’s who played in the couple’s cup last year; we could then email these people inviting them to play in the Coronation Bronze and Centenary Mixed pairs.

• Men’s Invitation day

1. Men’s invitation day was cancelled last year; we didn’t want to have to cancel it once again this year. After much discussion and a  few different ideas on ways to encourage more people to enter Men’s invitation day, we decided to change the date of this day. Stuart to liase with Ryan on the new suggested date of Sunday 31st August.

• Texas Scrambles

1. Chrissie/Beryl raised a question regarding Texas Scrambles and the placing/dropping of balls. We decided that when a ball is being played from a Fairway/closely mown Grass the ball is to be placed. If the ball is being played from Ruff the ball is to be dropped.

2. Stuart to discuss with Gill Nightingale regarding this with reference to future Texas Scrambles.

• Roy Snelling Trophy and New Trophies

1. The original Roy Snelling Trophy has now been retired; two new Trophies have been given one for the Ladies and one for the Gents in its place. Ivor Everett past Captain, President and Honary Member of the Club liaised with me regarding these Trophies as he used to work for and was a very good friend of Roy Snelling.

2. Without thinking and discussing this with my fellow committee members I agreed to except these two new Trophies (apologies made).

3. After much discussion we have decided to use the Trophies in conjunction with the RNLI Spoon. We have no Trophies for this competition, with the winner being presented with a RNLI spoon; these Trophies will now have the winners names Engraved on them each year.

4. Stuart to liase with Ivor and inform him of what we have decided with reference to the new Trophies.

• AOB 

1. None

Minutes of the Mundesley Golf Club Handicap and Competition Meeting - 23rd September 2013

In attendance: S.Craske, C.Watson, B.Roper and R.Pudney.

We fully discussed all items listed below and I thank you all for your contribution, I would also like to thankyou in advance for the help you have offered and will be giving over the coming months.

• Previous minutes

1. No matters were raise related to the previous meeting minutes.

• This Years competitions to date

1. Men’s Competitions: Stuart reported that men’s competitions had gone well this year with good entries and some new faces being winners this year. Stuart added that he would love to see a few more couples entering the mixed competitions next year, committee members to consider ways in which we could possibly increase numbers.

2. Ladies Competitions; Chrissie also reported that the Ladies competitions had also gone well this year although numbers have been down.

3. Stuart will organize and liaise with the Ladies, Seniors and Juniors sections enable the Trophies to be engraved.

4. Chrissie raised a point regarding a problem that had occurred during a round of the Rush trays i.e. lack of communication between two playing partners on the time and date of a match. Stuart and Chrissie to put together and make sure that condition of entry/play is displayed. This will hopefully eliminate a similar problem from recurring in the future.

• Allotment of Handicaps

1. This subject was fully discussed between all present committee members, it was agreed that Stuart and Chrissie would meet to once again discuss and put in place a structures procedure. This would then give all new playing members the correct information needed enabling them to be allotted a CONGU handicap.

2. This item will once again be discussed at the next Unified committee meeting.

• Presentation Evening

1. The format of presentation evening will be the same as the previous year, with Ryan sending out invitations to all Trophy winners. Also posters to be displayed advertising this evening, Stuart to organize the Engraving of the Trophies.

• Men’s Invitation day 2014

1. Stuart asked that all committee members consider ways in which we could increase number for men’s invitation day 2014; Stuart suggested if we could have a mixed invitation day, this will be put to the current Ladies Captain and Vice Captain for their observation.

• Club Championships 2014

1. This years Club Championships were a success with 35 players, Stuart would like to continue with the same format next year.

• Tee Info Boards

1. Ladies stoke indices will be changing as of 1st January on 7 holes, Lesley and Chrissie will be liaising with Ryan. Help has been offered, Ryan to look in to how many cards are in stock as obviously the new batch to be ordered will have to reflect the change of these stroke indexes. Stuart to see Ryan re: current cards to be used by Men and new cards to be ordered with the relevant changes.


1. Ryan suggested that he would like to run a few different competitions through out the winter i.e. 4 ball better ball, Stuart is happy for this to happen.

Stuart to circulate an email later in the year with details of the next meeting

Stuart Craske Thursday 10th October 2013

Minutes of Mundesley Golf Club Unified Handicap and Competition Meeting - 8th April 2013

In attendance: S.Craske, C.Watson, L.Allen, B.Roper, B.Quantrill, D.Clarke and R.Pudney.

We fully discussed all items listed below and I thank you all for your contribution, I would also like to thank you in advance for the help you have offered and will be giving over the coming months.

• Previous minutes

1.   We discussed the previous minutes and what had been actioned and what was still outstanding

2. Chrissie raised a point regarding the new members evening, we discussed this evening and we all felt that previous new members evenings had been a success. We all felt that a new members evening was needed, Stuart suggested he would meet with Ryan to discuss a suitable evening. Following a meeting with Ryan, Stuart will circulate an email to you all regarding a date, time and format.

• Hole Info Boards on Tee’s

1. Cleaning of boards, Stuart agreed to circulate and email regarding a proposed date for cleaning of the boards. This email I have sent and the date for cleaning these boards will be Friday 3rd May @ 10am.

2. Some of the ladies stroke indexes will change as of the 1st January; Tony Lake has offered to remove all the old Ladies stroke index numbers that are relevant from the boards. Leslie has sourced some numbers that will need to be attached to the boards.

3. Painting of the boards, we felt that when these numbers are changed on the boards that this could be a good opportunity to repaint and freshen them. Further discussion and planning is needed closer to the time enabling us to put a plan in place for this.

• Competitions we organize

1. We fully discussed and reviewed each competition.

2. I thank you all for your valuable input with reference to the following competitions.

*   Seniors Open Thursday 16th May

1. This event has been advertised at other clubs as well as Mundesley Golf Club, entries are coming in. Stuart to have a word with John Assheton asking him to give a gentle reminder to the Senior section.

2. Billy has agreed to be starter for the day and will be presenting all prizes.

• Coronation Bronze Bogey Saturday 8th June

1. As I discussed, this and the Centenary Mixed are events that are least supported, I would really like to have a good turn out this year.

2. Poster and entry sheet to be put up on Monday 22nd April.

3. Flyers and poster to be put in changing rooms and Club house as last year.

4. Partners found for Men and Ladies if needed.

*    Men’s Invitation Day Sunday 23rd June

1.  Cost set at £45 per playing pair.

2.  Format of day to be, 18 holes Betterball with a 2 course meal and Coffee followed by the prize giving.

3.  Poster and entry sheet to be put up week starting Monday 22nd April.

*   Presidents Day Sunday 30th June

1.  Stuart to liaise with Tony regarding format of the day.

*   Captains Day 14th July

1.  This is a day that our Captain organized, I made Billy aware that if he needs any help he needs to ask.

• Business AM-AM Thursday 1st August

1. David Craske (dad) has offered his assistance in the organisation of this day; I will meet with Dad and Chrissie regarding the day.

2. We discussed people we could approach regarding sponsorship, we need however to liaise with other sub committee chairman to find out who has been approached regarding sponsorship. This would then allow us not to bombard the same people time in and time out.

3. Stuart to liaise with committee members regarding the day and any help that may be needed.

• Club Championships Sunday 18th August

1. This is a competition which is normally played for over 36 holes, usually played over one day, last year we had 31 players. Many of our members are unable to play 36 holes in one day, as this is the Club Championships open to all men members; we decided that it would now be played for over two consecutive Sunday’s. This would then enable more members to enter the competition and for the prize fund to be greater.

2. Stuart to discuss dates with Ryan

3. Stuart to advertise the change of dates and reasons for change, this is needed to enable us to inform members of the reasons for the change.

• Centenary Mixed Pairs Saturday 21st September

1. As I discussed this and the Coronation Bronze Mixed are events that are least supported, I would really like to have a good turn out this year.

2. Flyers and poster to be put in changing rooms and Club house as last year.

3. Partners found for Men and Ladies if needed.

• Advertisement of event’s

1. Chrissie asked that details of all Opens are displayed on our website and entry forms be made available to those that wish to enter. This to apply to all sections and to include the “Business” Am Am, Ryan agreed to look in to this and to action.

2. I explained and we all agreed that promotion of all events that we organise need to be promoted fully within our club. The easiest way to advertise is through posters and flyers, but word of mouth is a wonderful thing, so if I could ask you all to give people gentle reminders and pushes in the right direction regarding competitions.

*   AOB

1.  No business was raised and the meeting was closed.

 Stuart to circulate an email later in the year with details of the next meeting

Stuart Craske Monday 22nd April 2013

Minutes of Mundesley Golf Club Unified Competition and Handicap Committee Meeting - 23 October 2012

In attendance: S.Craske, C.Watson, L.Allen, B.Roper, B.Quantrill, I.Ritchie, D.Clarke and R.Pudney

Apologies: G.Turner

We fully discussed all items listed below and I thank you all for your contribution.

Presentation Evening 
This year’s presentation evening will be held on Friday 14th December.

1. This year’s format will be very similar to previous years.

2.  Start time being 7.30pm.

3.  Invites for the evening to be sent to all trophy winners mid November. Ryan, Stuart and Chrissie to action.

4. Order of presentation evening to be Juniors, Ladies, Seniors and Men. With a 15 minute break following the Ladies presentation.

5.  Photo’s to be taken on the evening and a copy presented to each trophy winner following evening. 

6.  Stuart to approach our Club President regarding the presenting of trophies on this evening. 

7. Updated cards for display cabinet to be made, Stuart to speak with David Craske regarding these cards.

8. Setting up for the evening, help has been offered, Stuart will liase with those concerned closer to the evening. Stuart will also liase with John our Steward.

9. Trophy book, David Craske updating this book.

10. Trophy Engraving cost, Stuart has begun taking the trophies for engraving. Stuart explained he will provide a discounted cost for the Engraving this discount being 25%. I will provide the Ladies and Gents with a separate bill, with the Juniors will be Engraved free of charge. Stuart to Liase with Chrissie and Ann Sterling, regarding getting the Ladies trophies ready for Engraving. 

Master Handicap lists 

1. Ryan has gone through the Men’s master handicap list and removed old members from the system. 

2. Ladies to update their list at some point.

Hole Info Boards on Tee’s

1. We discussed the condition of some of the current board’s, as some are in desperate need of some attention! We can not currently justify nor afford for these to be replacement, but we can give them a good clean and touch up. We decided we will make every effort over the coming winter months to clean, repair and touch up the boards. Help was offered regarding this work, Stuart to circulate an email regarding a date or dates for this.

2. Chrissie and Lesley both explained that the Ladies stroke index may change on about 6 of the holes, there will then be a need for some of the numbers to be changed on the these boards (this will not be decided until February, this being when the Ladies AGM is.) We will discuss the best way for these numbers to be changed on the boards (if needed) at a later date following the Ladies AGM.

Status of Buildings on the course

1. Chrissie explained that she had been asked about the status of buildings on the course by some fellow female Golfers, and after a discussion on this and with some prior research the status of the buildings on the course are classed as Immovable Obstruction’s and are “Covered under the rules of Golf of Immovable Obstruction 24.2”. We decided that the status of the buildings should not be placed on the card, but should be placed on starter’s notes, whenever we have any competitions that involve visiting players.

Weather Warning Policy 

1. It was asked if we have a weather warning policy in place, as there had been an incident when play had had to be suspended due to the Weather. At that point it was found that a lot of players were unsure of either what action was to be taken nor what the siren meant.

2. It was decided to educate players on what action they need to take when play is suspended, Stuart, Chrissie and Ryan to liase and draw up a basic, bold information sheet which will be displayed in both the Female and Male Changing rooms.

3. As explained this is covered in the rules of Golf;

“Rule 6-8 Discontinuance of Play”

Appendix 1, Part C, Note 4 “Suspension of Play Due to a Dangerous Situation”

1. Discontinue Play Immediately: One prolonged note of siren

2. Discontinue Play: Three consecutive note of siren, “repeated”

3. Resume Play; Two short notes of siren,” repeated”

Speed of play on Card 

1.  Chrissie and Lesley bought to our attention that at a few other clubs had the suggested speed of play for each hole on there cards. After discussion we decided that we would not have this on our cards, but when needed we should simply re-educate our slower playing members. Some suggestions being;

1. Don’t mark you card whilst standing on the Green

2. Walk Quicker between holes

3. Be prepared for your shot

4. Have awareness of the pace of the play in front and behind you.

Slow play is always going to occur on whatever course you play, but just a quiet word or a suggestion to a slow playing member can not hurt.

Coronation Bronze Bogey Mixed

1. Chrissie explained that she had received a few comments on the day of this year’s event. These being that the ladies had not received the correct amount of shot’s, also that there had not been a male member of the Competition Committee there taking control of the day. Stuart took these comments on board  Stuart totally agreed that more should have been done to make this day run smoother. 

Centenary Mixed pairs 

1. Unlike the Coronation Bronze this day went very well with a good turn out. We will once again promote both events in the same manner next year i.e. flyers on tables, posters in the changing room.

Handicap Reviews

1. Stuart to liaise with Ryan regarding the men’s review at the end of the year.

2. Ladies to carry out their own review at the end of the year.


1. Ryan explained that he had received an email regarding the Rules of Golf 2016, this email had asked for any suggestions on Rule changes. If it is that any one has any suggestion on Rule changes that should be put forward for 2016 edition, could they please let Ryan know.

2. Ryan asked if we would consider the competitions being run through the Pro-shop, after a group discussion we decided that we felt it would be a good idea. As of the week starting Monday 5th November this will begin, at present this will only affect the Men’s competitions. Ryan to set this up and Stuart will liaise with Ryan regarding the smooth running of it.

3. Ryan suggested if we could maybe look at the format for Club Championship’s next year. Ryan explained that he had done some research with other clubs about the format of their Club Championships; he had found a 50/50 mix between how we currently compete for this Championship (over one day) and having the competition over 2 days. Stuart suggested that we should do some research with the members, and discuss this once again at our next meeting in February, this was agreed.

Stuart thanked everyone for their attendance and input today, Stuart to circulate an email in January regarding a date for the next meeting in February.

 Minutes of Mundesley Golf Club Unified Competition and Handicap Committee Meeting - 08 May 2012

Attending; S. Craske, R. Pudney, I. Ritchie, C. Watson, and D. Clarke 

Apologies; B. Roper, L. Allen, G. Turner, B. Quantrill


Welcome ( Thankyou for attending and apologies given )
Not a Unified meeting ( Unfortunately we could not hold this meeting as a Unified meeting as in order to have a            quorum there must be at least 2 ladies and 2 men present. Therefore no decisions on policy can be made )
Unified meeting to be held at a later date, ( committee members to be advised of dates )
Reason for this meeting ( To discuss all the competitions as a committee we organise, ensuring that they all run smoothly enabling as many individuals or pairs to play each competition as possible)
Discussion of Competitions
Help on the days
Captains Charity Day
Captain Ian Ritchie and Vice Captain Billy Quantrill ( Questions you may have or help needed enabling your years         run smoothly )
Promotion of Competitions
Cullington being played at home on Sunday 27th May 

Competitions we organise;

Seniors Open, Thursday 17th May 2012
Coronation Bronze Bogey Mixed, Saturday 9th June 2012 
Men’s Invitation Day, Sunday 24th June 2012 
President Day, Sunday 1st July 2012
Couples Cup, Saturday 14th July 2012 
Captains Day, Sunday 15th July 2012 
Mundesley AM-AM, Thursday 2nd August 2012 
Club Championship Scratch and Handicap, Sunday 19th August
Centenary Mixed Pairs, Saturday 22nd September 2012
Knock-out Finals, Saturday 29th September 2012

We went through each individual Competition making sure the following was discussed;

Entrance sheets
Times/Type of start
Liase with Phil and John
Mixed H/Cap allowances for Ladies/Girls

We discussed the Couples cup to be played on Saturday 14th July, after a few concerns were raised and discussed our Captain Ian has decided on the following for the weekend of the 14th/15th July; Saturday 14th July will be Juniors playing for a Trophy donated by Bob Murphy, with Ian presenting the Trophy and also proving a meal for the Juniors (making the Juniors part of his Captains weekend). The morning of Sunday 15th will be a Shot Gun start for the Men, the Couples Cup will now be played for during the afternoon of the 15th, followed by a Buffet and presentation (as has been for the past few years).

Help on the days

As I explained at the meeting there will be times when help is asked for regarding the competitions and the competition days. As a committee I know that you are all more than willing to help when you are asked, for this I thankyou.

Captains Charity day;

With Captains Charity day not to far away I asked Ian how his preparations were going. Ian explained he has had good interest shown not just from prospective teams but also with sponsorship. I asked Ian to let us know in the first instance if he does need any help prior or on the day.

Captain Ian Ritchie & Vice Captain Billy Quantrill

I asked Ian if he has any questions about his Captains year and his involvement in competitions and competition presentations, enabling us to give him any help he may need. Ian explained that we seem to have covered everything in the discussions we had had today. As Billy had to leave prior to the meeting, we are only at the end of a telephone if he has any questions or needs any help with anything.

Promotion of Competitions

We all agreed that we need to make sure each and every competition that we organise, is promoted. We discussed the possibility of a couple of A4/A3 silver clip frames being placed in each of the Male and Female Changing rooms. This would then allow us to then place posters of forthcoming Competitions in these frames, as I explained I am able to make posters to any size.  This proved favourable with all committee members, Ryan is able to obtain some Frames from his buying group. I will however mention the idea of these frames at this at the coming board meeting, before we get them or put them up.

Mixed Competitions will be promoted in both the Male and Female changing rooms, Chris and I to put posters up in both these changing rooms for the forthcoming mixed competition the Coronation Bronze Bogey.

Minutes of Mundesley Golf Club Unified Competition and Handicap Committee Meeting - 30th December 2011

In attendance
G. Turner (Chairman) D.Crosby (Captain), R.Pudney (Professional / Operations Manager), W.Quantrill, Mrs B Roper (Club chairman), Mrs C Watson, Mrs L Allen.

The chairman welcomed W.Quantrill as a new member to the committee

S. Craske, D. Clarke

1. Report from EGU Handicap meeting in Cambridge.
This was attended by R.Pudney, I Ritchie and Mrs C Watson who confirmed that the meeting was well worth attending and they had learnt much form it.
Ryan then highlighted on issues arising from the meeting.

a. In order to obtain a CONGU handicap in future, new players/members must return cards from either 18 or 9 hole rounds up to a minimum of 54 holes and then they will be assessed

b. 9 Hole qualifying Competitions may now be submitted at any club in which the player holds playing membership.

c. There is a slight change to the calculation of the CSS
Generally works well for men but produces too many occasions where CSS goes up or becomes Reduction Only for Ladies. This is because the composition of Ladies fields are different to men and contain a relatively large number of Category4 players. The ladies also have a high number of very small fields

d.    Introduction of Exceptional Scores Review
This is based on two nett scores better than –4 within a specified number of qualifying rounds

e. Amateur Status

There has been a change with regard to prizes and amateur status. An amateur golfer may now accept a prize in excess of £500 for a hole in one whilst playing in a round of golf. Eg a car.

f. Prize Vouchers
Definition expanded to allow prize vouchers to be used for the purchase of goods or services from a golf club.
After much debate and in particular the extra administration it may cause it was proposed by D.Crosby and seconded by Mrs L Allen that no change should be made to the current policy of administering and spending them through the professionals shop. This was unanimously agreed.

g. Central database of handicaps (CDH)
The Ladies Area Authority had been rather sceptical as to the efficiency of the CDH at this point of time, however, the benefits of the CDH system are:-
  • Free of charge
  • Automatic transfer of qualifying scores
  • No requirement for away letters to be sent
  • Updating of members handicaps
  • Access to 750,000+ playing handicaps
  • Opportunity for on-line entries
  • No requirement for handicap certificates
2. Competition Fees for the year 2012 should remain unaltered and the Men, Ladies, Juniors and Seniors would continue to administer their systems as in previous years.

3. Coronation Bronze trophy
Discussion to improve entries took place following a disastrous entry for the year 2011. It was agreed there would be notices placed on all notice boards advertising the event which is scheduled to take place on Saturday 9th June and if necessary notices of men requiring lady partners and visa versa would also be placed.

4. Open Events
The chairman made members aware of forthcoming open events during the playing year and requested help where necessary.

5. New CONGU reference books would be shortly available outlining all the current and new regulations. The chairman requested that Ryan orders sufficient quantities of the books so that each member of the H & C committee has a personal copy, together with one for the Club Captain of 2012.

6. Review of Competition Conditions & Regulations Policy
The chairman supplied members with an updated version which they would consider and report back to him with any alterations if necessary.

7. Winter Eclectic Competition
The chairman supplied sheets of Eclectic grids which Ryan would put on the Gents competition notice board together with the entry conditions. The competition would run from Jan 1st 2012 until April 30th 2012.

8. Seniors entry to Club competitions
In an effort to attract more Senior Male entries during 2011, it had been agreed to extend the days of entry to include Mondays. However, through a lack of interest by the seniors who had not taken up this courtesy, it was discontinued.

9 Annual Handicap review
The Men’s section carried out their annual Handicap review on behalf of all male members ( Including Juniors and Seniors). A number of members had their handicaps increased and a further number had their handicaps decreased.
Ryan to publish the results on the relevant notice boards.

10. A.O.B.

a. The Boxing day Cup had been very poorly supported and no logical explanation could be given.

b. It was raised that Ladies should not have their usual tee reservations on the Wednesday just prior to Christmas and the Wednesday between Christmas and the new year as virtually no ladies played on those days and it may deter possible green fee players or male members who may be on an enforced holiday from playing. It was agreed that these dates could be free for all players in future. It was also suggested by the chairman that we should have morning start sheets for all the days over the Christmas / New Year holiday period. This was agreed.

The date of the next Unified Meeting will be approx half an hour  prior to the General committee meeting