Greens Committee

Minutes of the Greens Committee Meeting - 10th February 2017

Those Present:- Allan Epton, Ryan Pudney, Richard Plummer, Sue Symmons, Donald Stuart, Paul Ellis, Mike Foster, Mick Jackman, Ruth Epton
Apologies:- David Clarke (jnr)

Bunkers:- Following on from work started in 2016some more bunkers have been reshaped and turfed. AE was approached by a member asking if the bunkers could be reopened to play with just the new turf left as GUR. Having spoken to RP this is not possible until the better weather due to the roots not being fully set. The bunker in the pit of the first has now been filled in, it was discussed if the bunker on the RHS of the first green near the OOB was moved to a green side bunked but the committee decided this was not necessary, as this bunker often stops balls going OOB.

Work has started on the bunker on the LHS of the second fairway to fill it in, it was decided that this bunker was not required due to there being enough hazards on that hole with trees on the left and OOB on the right. It was also discussed if there should be another bunker put further down the left but this was thought to be unnecessary.

A bunker will be placed on the 8th fairway near the pathway to the 9th tee.

It was also discussed adding a bunker to the 9th fairway on the RHS around 30-40y back from where there used to be a bunker some years ago. The greens committee will go and look at this in more detail in the spring.

Wash Down Area:- The new tank will be arriving the beginning of next week and work will start on fitting it in place week starting 20th March 17.

8th Green:- It was put to RP that the 8th green be opened ASAP to give the Cullington team time to practice on. However this may not be possible due to the weather and the fact that there is no growth. It is hoped that it will be open in April but will be weather dependent.

Misc:- The steps at the side of the 7th green has now been remarked as GUR.

AE was asked by a member at the weekend why the green hadn't been cut ready for the weekend, RP is in the process of preparing them for the summer and due to the weather there is very little growth happening at the moment.

AE was also asked about having sand boxes on all par 3s this was discussed and the committee agreed to it being a good idea, however due to them being quite expensive some of the other sections and committees will be approached to finance.

There are still 2 staked trees on the LHS of the 2nd fairway to try and encourage these trees to grow straight. The stakes they were in the gorse on the 9th have now been removed.

The senior section have approached the committee with a container to put on each tee to put broken tee pegs in. The committee dismissed the container as impractical. RP said that there wasn't really a need for a container. It was suggested that the senior section was approached to purchase a sand box.
The subject of tee bins, sand boxes will be discussed further when the gender tees are brought into operation.

The trees on the 8th Fairway is in need of trimming which will require a cherry picker and tree surgeon to be brought in. After much discussion about getting prices in it was then suggested that it was removed, with this in mind it was decided to put the trimming on hold. Committee members will sow the seed to the members to get their thoughts on this.

AOB:- SS mentioned that there was a large amount off moss growing especially on the 9th fairway. RP said that he suspects that this will disperse as the weather gets warmer. He will keep and eye on it and will treat in necessary.

Ryan informed the committee that a skip was being delivered to the green keepers compound.

DS asked why a white line had been put round some paths, he was informed that this is where the Astro turf is to be laid.

AE stated that the septic tank in the green keepers compound required emptying.

Minutes of the Greens Committee Meeting - 26th October 2016

Present:  Allan Epton, John Assheton, Mick Jackman, Shirley Davies, Mike Foster, Richard Plummer and Dave Craske.

Apologies from:  Ryan Pudney and Reg Shreeve.

Minutes from the last meeting held on the 6th May, 2016. These were read but there were no matters arising.

Course update: Richard gave a course update to the committee speaking of the work that had been completed since the last meeting. Grass growth is starting to slow but cutting will continue for some considerable time yet. Aeration, to the greens, through the autumn and winter will continue where possible one a month. MJ raised a few points regarding the course: 1. Members were walking between the left greenside bunker and the green on the 5th causing wear – Richard to put out hoops. 2. The exit from the 7th green was badly damaged by the steps – Richard will look at this area. The whole area across the front of the bunkers and green to be roped off to off to make members take their trolleys along the road to the 8th tee. 3. The area on the corner of the 8th is becoming muddy again – Richard will hoop the area as in previous years.

Winter Work Program: The committee agreed to continue with the work contained in the 2015-2020 document. The first job to do when time became available was to complete laying the astro turf on the 5th pathway and to continue it from the top of the path back to the gent’s 14th tee. The next bunker to be renovated would be the one on the left side of the second fairway approaching the green. We still have to address the offer of 100 trees from Reg Shreeve but the committee felt unable to deal with this at the present time but would look at this further next year.
Tree surgery:  It was agreed that the tree in front of the 8th tee needs to be attended to as a priority and the large conifers between the 2nd tee and green keepers area needed attention. Quotes for this work will to be obtained and put before the Finance Committee.

8th green:  It was agreed that the new green would remain ground under repair until the spring of 2017. John and Lesley Allen were thanked for their kind donation of shrubs etc for the bank behind the green and for giving up a Sunday morning together with Allan in order to plant them all.
Wash pad:  David stated that he and Richard had raised this matter on several occasions over the last three years but we are still not conforming to Environmental legislation to sets out to prevent the discharge of hazardous substances or pollutant into groundwater. This matter needed to be dealt with as soon as possible and the committee agreed unanimously. A lengthy discussion took place before it was agreed that David, Richard and Allan would look into this matter further and obtain the necessary quotes for the work. Allan stated that had the required skill to complete this job but needed to know specifications. This work MUST be a priority and completed within the shortest length of time possible.

Suggestions received from David Willgress:  The following has been received from David and there is not doubt that he has put a lot of thought into this:
With the new 8th green coming into play next year I’ve been thinking about what other improvements could be made to the course. My thoughts are that there is a possibility to introduce an additional tee on both the 2nd and 4th holes. In terms of variation, these 2 holes (and the 6th) do not offer anything different whether you are playing the front or the back nines. Given that there are not many options around the 6th tee, that leaves the 2nd and 4th where changes could be made.
Hole 2. The 2nd is a difficult hole with the hedge and the OOB on the right coming into play and causing problems on a regular basis for a lot of members. As we know, in an attempt to try and avoid these hazards many players aim straight up the 3rd fairway from the 2nd tee and this is obviously not ideal, not least for safety reasons. There does appear to be space for a new tee 50 yards or so further forward, on the right near the hedge, just past the Greenkeepers area. A tee here would provide golfers with a different angle off the tee and this would encourage most golfers to play along the 2nd fairway rather than playing onto the 3rd fairway as you would have to go over the pine trees on the left to do that. Therefore playing down the correct fairway would become the best and most sensible option for most players. Although the length of the hole from this additional tee box would be reduced, the hedge and the OOB would still be very much in play. The bunkers down the left side of the fairway short of the green would then be brought into play for the longer hitters off the tee. The introduction of such a tee would make the hole more interesting, provide an equally challenging alternative to the current tee and improve course safety.
 Hole 4. There are not many golf courses where there are two identical blind Par 3’s measuring 230+ yards.
The average player, most of whom are unable to hit the ball more than 200 yards, struggles to reach this green with their tee shot, even on a good day. Add to that the prevailing wind and reaching the green, for all but the longest hitters, becomes impossible. In addition, although we have 6 Par 3's we do not have any between 100 yards and 162 yards and we only have one Par 3 that is less than 162 yards. The introduction of a new tee at around 140/150 yards on this hole would provide us with a completely new Par 3 length. A new tee could be sited on somewhere between the lower yellow tee box and the now disused bunker on the left hand side of the fairway. This would offer a different challenge as the angle of approach to the green would be significantly different and coming in further from the left would bring the pit more into play. It wouldn’t necessarily make the hole easier but it would give most members the feeling that they at least had a chance of at getting on the green with their tee shot. I do not think a new tee in this position would interfere with players on the first tee anymore than the existing tee does and as an added bonus playing from there would also increase safety by reducing the possibility of tee shots going onto the 3rd fairway.
Summary: In both cases these new tees would be to supplement the existing tees and not replace them and although they would still essentially be the same holes, they would be quite different. Even though these changes would reduce the total length of the course over 18 holes by around 130 yards, they would offer some interesting variations on what we already have. Given that our course is already relatively short any further reduction in length maybe viewed as a step in the wrong direction. However, I think it would be improved with these changes and add extra interest and enjoyment for members & visitors alike. Obviously there would be a cost involved in providing 2 new tee boxes but in both areas the land is fairly flat and it probably wouldn’t be too difficult a job. However, it would be fairly easy to trial these ideas with little cost or effort over the winter months by making temporary tees. After a trial period the members’ feedback could then be assessed and if approved by the majority the work could be carried out over a period of time and/or when funds allow. I am sure that not all members would approve and there might be some resistance. However, I also feel sure that a lot of members would see the merits of these changes and welcome them as all golf courses need to change, develop and evolve from time to time. Finally, these changes are not intended to make the course easier but simply to add some variety on 2 holes that are currently identical.

The committee had a lengthy discussion regarding these suggestions but unanimously agreed not to pursue the matter any further. It was felt that they would make the course easier for several reasons, there would possibly be a scratch score implication and of course there would be considerable expenditure which could not be justified at the present time. It was felt that Mr. Willgress should be applauded for the effort he put into matter and David would reply to his original message.

AOB: 1. Mike asked for guidance regarding where to take buggies during the winter period. It was agreed that it would spread the wear across the course if buggies did not have to keep to the semi rough and Richard would keep an eye on the situation. 2. Mike also asked if we would be using tee boxes this year and the committee agreed with Richard when he stated that he may well need to use one on the 7th and elsewhere if and when required. 3. Allan stated that at the recent Unified Handicap Meeting the question of ‘ Gender Neutral ‘ tees was discussed. It was felt that we would need to extend the ladies 10th and possibly the ladies 14th tee should we go in this direction but there was no need for any action at the present time.
Thanks: This being the final meeting of the committee before the AGM, David thanked all members for their time and efforts over the last twelve months. He also thanks Richard and Phil for their hard work during 2016 during which they have presented the course in fantastic condition.

To Download a copy of the Document regarding the decision on the 8th/17th Green please click on the link to the left. 

Minutes of the Greens Committee Meeting - 6th May 2016.

Those present were: John Assheton, Ryan Pudney, Richard Plummer, Allan Epton, Mike Foster and Dave Craske.

Apologies were received from: Shirley Davies.

The minutes of the previous meeting were discussed and the only matters arising are dealt with below.

1. 8th green project update was given by DC who informed the meeting that to date the total cost amounted to £11,516.24 with less than £2,000 left to raise. Updates have been circulated to members with e mail addresses registered with he office and notices posted within the clubhouse.

2. Davey Clarke has asked if attention could be given to the practise net and mat. It was agreed that it needs to be strengthened and Richard will keep an eye open for another mat.

3. RP gave a brief account of the summer work which will be mainly grass cutting and keeping the greens in good condition by scarifying, aeration etc. He also spoke about the winter work that had been completed this year.

4. Since our last meeting AE and RP have looked at how to proceed with regard to the wash down area and have established that the Environment Agency will not accept a reed bed construction. RP, AE and DC to look at our final option which would involve putting a double bunded tank into the ground.

5. JA raised the question of a document circulated to all members appearing on the Friends of MGC Facebook page. DC to remove the document.

6. RP to look at the rules with regard to the damage being inflicted on the fairways by crows. If required he will produce a Local Rule.

7. RP to look at the Captain's bunker on the 3rd / 12th to see if he feels some sand should be removed from it.

There were no other matters discussed.

Minutes from the Green Committee Meeting - 18th January 2016.

Those present were: John Assheton, Richard Plummer, Allan Epton, Mike Foster, David Craske and Reg Shreeve.

Apologies were received from: Ryan Pudney, Shirley Davies and Davey Clarke.

There were no matters arising from the meeting held on the 4th September,2015 or the from the pre Open Forum Meeting.

This meeting took the form of a general discussion on the following subjects:

8th green: Lengthy discussion. Richard to obtain a second quote from Fineturf. Site Meeting to be arranged. No decision could be made at this meeting and any decisions would be subject to the finance being available.

Wash down area: This matter was discussed once again and it was agreed that Allan and Richard would investigate the possibility of constructing a reed bed system which they thought that they could carry out ' in house.'

Course update document circulated to members: Only two written replies were received and these both related to the perceived danger of members being hit whilst walking along the 5th pathway. Agreed to cut back more of the gorse to open up the view. A sign to be placed halfway down the slope asking members to look towards the 8th tee to ensure no-one was about to tee off before proceeding.

Winter work: Richard and Phil will continue with the bunker work while the weather holds.

There were no other matters.

The document circulated to Board Members by David Craske updates these minutes and a further meeting will be held after the next Board Meeting on the 15th February, 2016.

 If you would like to look at the proposed winter program for the course please click on the link to the left. Please forward any comments to the Golf Operations Manager


Those present were:
David Craske, Ryan Pudney, Carole Bray, John Assheton, Richard Plummer, Allan Epton and Davey Clarke.

Apologies from: Reg Shreeve and Mike Foster.

This meeting had been called to further discuss the document entitled 'Course Winter Work Program 2015 - 2020' which had been circulated to all Boards members earlier in the year. The document, together with photographs, had been displayed in the clubhouse for a number of weeks and comments regarding it had been received from some members. The matter will be spoken about at the Open Forum following our AGM in December and we needed to discuss the matters raised by members. These minutes should be read in conjunction with the original document. A full and frank discussion took place on the document and the following matters were agreed by the committee:

1. All agreed that the bunker in the pit should be completely filled as previously agreed.

2. All agreed that the bunker in front of the 7th/16th hole should be filled in, the bank be sloped from the green back to the fairway and the grass cut at fairway height.

3. All agreed that the proposed new bunker on the left side of the 8th/17th fairway be a small pot bunker similar in shape and face height to that on the left side of the 7th/16th green.

4. All agreed that the bunker short left of the 9th/18th green be renovated as described in the original document.

5. All agreed to leave the bunker to the left of the 3rd/12th green as the same basic size and shape it is now but to renovate it instead.

6. All agreed to leave the recently renovated bunker to the right of the 2nd/11th green in the present condition as it is now. Other renovations to other bunkers as described in the original document to keep face heights as they are now when carrying out renovations to them.

7. All agreed that the first bunker to be worked on would be the one front right of the 3rd/12th green.

8. All agreed that details of how we intend to improve the safety of the 8th/17th hole be included in the document.

The following matters were also discussed at this meeting:

(a) Richard informed the committee that he will be completing some drainage work, over the winter period, on the 8th/17th  and 2nd/11th greens. Thanks to Allan for his kind offer of assisting with a mini digger.

(b) The tree in front of the 8th tee to be trimmed in the spring before the leaves return.

(c) In the suggestion book a member had requested a bell beside the 9th green so that p[layers would know when others leave the green. All agreed not to have a bell.

(d)  A member of the club was pondering about the advisability of having the set aside areas given the number of cases of LYME DISEASE. It was agreed that we would keep the areas and that Ryan would add a notice to our website and social media outlets warning members of the dangers of this condition.
Lyme disease, or Lyme borreliosis, is a bacterial infection spread to humans by infected ticks. Ticks are tiny spider-like creatures found in woodland and heath areas. They feed on the blood of birds and mammals, including humans. Ticks that carry the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease are found throughout the UK and in other parts of Europe and North America. It's estimated there are 2,000 to 3,000 new cases of Lyme disease in England and Wales each year.

(e) A member had asked that the yellow tee markers on the 8th/17th be occasionally placed in the area behind the red 17th tee markers. This was once again agreed and Richard will ensure that this takes place.

The Chairman thanked members for their attendance to what had been a positive meeting.


Those present were:
David Craske, Ryan Pudney, Carole Bray, John Assheton, Richard Plummer, Allan Epton and Davey Clarke.

1. Minutes from the meeting held on 24th June, 2015 were agreed and there were no new matters arising.

2. Richard updated the committee regarding work completed on the course to date. The work party had been arranged for the Graden work on the greens and this will take place in the week commencing 14th September. Winter work will commence when time and weather allows. Priorities will be the bunkers and astroturf as per the course document.

3. In an effort to make the 8th/17th hole safer, it was agreed to reduce the height of the hedge on both sides of the large oak tree near the green, to create a short pathway from the teeing area to the field and to reduce the height of the hedge there to enable a view to the green. Those wishing to attempt driving the green would then be able to see when the green is clear.

4. In reply to a suggestion to change pins twice a week it was agreed that as a general rule this would not take place but diary events would dictate when this would take place.

5. The two trees to the left of the 4th/13th green were getting very old and it was agreed that Richard would look at the cost of replacing one or both when the need arose. It was agreed that a substantial tree(s) would need to be planted when replacement is required.

6. A suggestion had been made that a hedge be planted at the rear of the 18th teeing ground. It was agreed that this was a good idea and Richard would investigate the best trees/shrubs to plant and the cost.

7. The committee discussed signage for direction of play from the 3rd/12th teeing grounds and it was decided that these would not be erected. Instead Ryan would produce a plan of the course which would be given to visitors to ensure that they played in the correct direction.

8. It was agreed that a further meeting takes place to discuss comments made by members regarding the Winter Work Program 2015 - 2020 document.

9. Agreed that there is a scruffy short sloped area after leaving the 8th/17th teeing grounds and this would be renovated.

10. The question of a wash down area for the machinery is ongoing with Richard obtaining quotes.


Present were: David Craske, Mike Foster, Ryan Pudney (Golf Operations Manager), Carole Bray and Richard Plummer.

Apologies received from: Reg Shreeve, John Assheton and Davey Clarke.

The meeting took the form of a two hour course walk, focusing especially on the Winter Work Program for the period 2015 to 2019. At the end of the walk it was agreed that DC should prepare a draft document which committee members could discuss prior to displaying in the clubhouse for members to see. Time does not allow for the full details of the proposed work to be included in these minutes but notes taken on the day will form the basis of the document. DC will produce this detailed document as soon as possible after he returns from holiday at the end of March. Other matters discussed during the walk included:

RP has spoken to Royal Cromer and we will be able to collect Astro Turf, for our paths, from there in September. RP and DC have discussed the positioning of OOB markers alongside the 1st hole and these will be put in place.

RP stated that we have booked the hire of a Pedestrian Controlled Graden Machine for the week commencing 14th September, 2015. This removes up to 17 per cent of thatch in one hit and at the same time fills the holes with dry kiln sand. It is labour intensive but if used once a year, for say the next three years, it will work well alongside what we already do on the greens.

It was agreed that a pathway would not be put through the gorse to the right hand side of the path on the 5th as suggested by Paul Ellis at the Open Forum. A risk assessment was carried out with regard to golfers walking along the path as there was a blind spot where they could not be seen from the 8th/17th tees. It was agreed to cut back the gorse to the right of the path for about a distance of ten yards and this would improve the visibility. It was impossible without removing large amounts of gorse to open up the view completely but the committee agreed that we would improve it but our proposed actions. This work has been carried out and does improve the situation.

Whilst we were walking round RP also informed the committee of his plans for the work to be completed as soon as the weather warms up. A slow release fertiliser would be given to the tees and aprons within a couple of days of the meeting.

It was agreed to remove the small tree in the centre of the gorse by the 4th tee but to leave the larger one at the end of the bushes.

It was felt that the meeting had been a productive one and that proposed changes will benefit the course in the long term.


Present were: David Craske, John Assheton, Ryan Pudney (Golf Operations Manager), Carole Bray and Richard Plummer.

Apologies received from: Reg Shreeve, Mike Foster and Davey Clarke.

As this was the first meeting of the year DC welcomed all members of the committee.

Minutes from the last meeting held on the 30th October, 2014 were read and there were no matters arising.

RP gave a course update including the winter work which had been completed to date. Practise bunker and greenside bunker on the second had been renovated but will need to be GUR until the new turf takes hold. Sand yet to be added to some bunkers and there is some pruning work still to be completed. We have been unable to collect the astroturf from Royal Cromer to date and now it is impossible to get onto the area where it is because of the ground conditions. Collection will have to be made during the summer in readiness for next winter. RP stated that they were still cutting grass up until just before Christmas which of course means that there is less time to complete winter jobs. Servicing to the machinery is in hand and there are a few inside matters that need completing too.

DC stated that he had produced a Winter Work schedule on behalf of the committee for the period 2011 until 2014 and it was agreed that he should produce a similar document for 2015 to 2019. This matter was discussed and a draft document will be prepared. In connection with this, a discussion took place with regard to our bunkers and DC will produce a document for display seeking the views of our members. A course walk to be arranged in order to firm up some of our proposals. Work to fill in the bunker in the pit on the first will have to wait until the ground conditions are firmer, probably late summer/early autumn. RP to arrange for soil to be delivered.

It was agreed that the gorse around the pit on the first should be cut back to ground level to allow it to regenerate.

A suggestion had been made by a member that when a frost hole is in operation on the sixth it should be positioned near to the cross bunkers. Agreed to keep the same position as it had been for several years.

It was agreed that the OOB alongside the 1st needed to be better defined. DC and RP to arrange.

At the Open Forum Paul Ellis had once again suggested a pathway through the gorse from the 5th tee to the ladies 14th tee. This was discussed and would be looked at again during our course walk.

RP stated that he believed there was a gas leak near to the sheds. GOM to contact the Gas Board.

RP raised the matter of our wash down area and GOM would make follow up enquiries and report back to the next meting.

CB raised the matter of frost holes and the committee agreed to use all normal sized cups rather than the larger ones. RP to arrange purchase.

Minutes of the Greens Committee Meeting - 30th October 2014.

Present: David Craske, Carole Bray, Tony Lake, Bridget Roper, John Assheton, Ryan Pudney, Reg Shreeve and Richard Plummer.

Apologies: There were none.

Minutes from last meeting held on 7th July, 2014: These were read and there were no matters arising.

Report from Head Green Keeper: Due to the good weather ' summer ' work continues. All greens, surrounds, tees and fairways have been sprayed to prevent worms casts and to combat leather jackets. The wind had blown over the tops of two spindly trees by the 8th green and these, together with one other had been removed. Two old crab apple trees in the same area had been removed previously and this now opens up the green to more early morning light. Holes on the greens are changed on a Friday and are reset (to prevent crowning around the hole) when the greens are cut. CB and BR thought that crowning had been less of a problem over the last twelve months on a Wednesday. It was agreed that for a few of the major Wednesday competitions the holes could be changed prior to play that day. Agreed that the two priorities for winter work would be the bunkers and to putting down more astroturf on our pathways. It was agreed that the practise bunker be renovated and brought back to a good standard. (DC, Richard and Ryan to liaise) DC mentioned that on the pathway by the eighth tee and where the path crosses the road at the back of the second green there are pieces of metal mesh protruding on the walkways. RP to deal.

Thanks: This being the last meeting prior to the AGM, DC thanked Richard and Phil for their hard work throughout the year which has resulted in the course being presented in superb condition. DC also thanked all members of the committee for their work during the year, it was much appreciated.

A.O.B: CB stated that her husband David had recently entertained seven guests from Sheringham Golf Club who were all impressed with the condition of our course.

Minutes of the Greens Committee Meeting - 7th July 2014

Present were: John Assheton, Bridget Roper, Ryan Pudney, David Craske and Richard Plummer.

Apologies from: Carole Bray, Tony Lake and Reg Shreeve.

Minutes from the previous meeting held on 10th February, 2014 were read but there were no matters arising.

Update from Head Green Keeper: All new machinery is now in place. Scarification together with spiking of greens continue at regular intervals with good recovery and general improvement of the surfaces. Autumn work on the course will include hollow tining and top dressing of greens. General day to day tasks continue including grass cutting. Committee discussed the cutting of the set aside areas and it was agreed that during 2015 that it would be left until later in the year. The new notices were also discussed with agreement to move one or two of them - a work in progress! RP also informed the committee that we have been able to acquire more astro turf from Royal Cromer at no cost, other than transportation to Mundesley. Richard and Phil were thanked for their hard work out on the course which has received excellent comments from members and visitors alike.

Minutes of Greens Committee Meeting - 10th FEBRUARY 2014.

Present were:  John Assheton, David Craske, Bridget Roper, Carol Bray, Ryan Pudney, Tony Lake and Richard Plummer.

DC welcomed all members to the first meeting of 2014.

Minutes of the meeting held on the 14th October, 2013 were discussed but there were no matters arising.

Course update by RP: The amount of rainfall had obviously been the major problem in recent weeks and he also spoke about the thatch problem as circulated in a report by DC. Astro turf had been laid on the 5th path and more needed to complete the job which will not take place now until late Autumn 2014. Steps on the 1st and near the ladies 10th had also had astro turf added. Various branches from trees had been removed to allow free access to machinery and bunker edges were now being worked upon. Greens to be verti-drained and we will have the machine over a fortnight period to allow for weather conditions. General day to day work continues. It is hoped that we have a dry warm spring so that the work on the greens can commence as soon the growing season gets under way. We will not be hollow coring and top dressing in the spring as the scarification work to remove the thatch is the top priority. RP thanked for the way the course is prepared and in particular the bunkers. RP also updated the committee regarding the machinery.

Any other business: TL raised the matter of the water tank cover and RP stated that he was awaiting quotes. CB volunteered to arrange a work party to prepare the benches ready to be put back out on the course.

Date of next meeting: to be arranged when required. JA stated that he thought that it was important that all committee members should be aware of any change in the proposed work in order that they were able to field questions from members. DC agreed and stated that he felt it was important to post notices with regard to major work on the course so that members were aware.

Minutes of Greens Committee Meeting - 14th October 2013.

Present were: David Craske (Chairman), Richard Plummer (Head Green Keeper), Ryan Pudney (Golf Operations Manager), Bridget Roper (Board Chairman), Reg Shreeve (Treasurer), Billy Quantrill (Club Captain), John Assheton (Club Vice Captain) and Tony Lake (President).

Apology: Sue Arnold (Ladies Captain)

Welcome: DC opened the meeting by welcoming Richard Plummer as our new Head Green Keeper, whilst thanking Tim Gee and Phil Mansbridge for their work during recent times.

Minutes of meeting held on the 13th February, 2013: There were no matters arising.

Course Update by Richard:
1. Day to day work continues, cutting greens, tees, surrounds etc.
2. Attention is being paid to the irrigation system which will take quite a time to complete but will save time in the long run.
3. The aeration to work to the greens will continue through the winter period and slitting of fairways etc. All agreed that these jobs were essential to keep the course in good condition.
4. As previously discussed our paths need urgent attention. The laying of astro turf on the 5th path down from the tees would be the first to be worked on. It is anticipated that this will take quite a long time to complete.
5. Agreed to fill in half of one of the two bunkers on the 6th hole. The one on the right hand side half way down the hill towards the green and closest to the out of bounds. Discussed the bunker in the pit on the 1st but no firm decision made. The Captains' bunker on the 3rd needs attention. Richard stated that he thought the majority of the other bunkers were in good order.
6. Maintenance work to the machinery needs to be completed on a regular basis.

1. Richard stated that the sprayer is not working correctly despite having work done to it prior to his arrival. RP and RP to take this matter forward.
2. At the present time we have some thatchaway units on demo and Richard feels these are needed in order to continue improving our greens.
3. Richard feels that a banks machine is required to cut down the amount of time it takes to carry out the job by pedestrian mowers. He feels there are areas on the course including some banks that could be left to grow rather than neatly cut. Richard, RP and DC to play nine holes and look at all areas before reporting to next meeting. Course walk to be arranged.
4. The utility vehicle is coming to it's sell by date!
5. Some winter maintenance will be done in house.
6. Richard, RP and RS to investigate the costs involved re new machinery and possible ways of financing any deals.

Miscellaneous matters:
1. Rabbits are once again becoming a problem. DC to give the telephone number of Tid Smith to Richard in order that the situation can be sorted out. Richard has someone who would like to deal with the rabbits. Richard to deal.
2. JA asked if the yellow tees could be positioned on the ladies 8th teeing area as previously agreed instead of always being in the same position. Agreed.
3. Work on the course to be committee led but Richard will deal with day to day work, liaising with RP and DC on a regular basis.
4. It was agreed not the level the middle part of the 16th teeing area.

DC thanked all members of the committee for their work during the year and looked forward to the course going from strength to strength. Date of next meeting to be arranged in due course.

Minutes of the Greens Committee Meeting - 11th February 2013.

Present were: David Craske (Chairman), Tim Gee (Head Green Keeper), Ryan Pudney (Golf Operations Manager), Bridget Roper (Board Chairman), Reg Shreeve (Treasurer), Sue Arnold (Ladies' Captain), Billy Quantrill (Club Captain) and Tony Lake (President).

Welcome: DC opened the meeting by welcoming all members to the first meeting of 2013 and thanked Carole Bray, together with Ian Ritchie, for their work on the committee during previous years.

Minutes of meeting held on the 4th October, 2012: These were read and the following matters arose from them:
1. Temporary hole covers purchased and are in place.
2. Shrubs in memory of Raymond Self have been planted and a plaque has yet to be made. DC to deal with this.

Course Update by TG:
1. Winter work still in progress. Bunker on the left of the 9th fairway completed, starting on the bunker on left of 4th fairway shortly, aeration work continues on greens and the tees, fairways have been slit, hedging work completed, painting of tee markers etc and the path by the 7th has been renewed with astro-turf replacing the shells. Discussion took place concerning the paths and it was agreed that we would not purchase any more shells but look at other options including astro-turf and grids. Astro-turf was the preferred option and Ryan will speak to Royal Cromer and his father-in-law, who have access to this type of material. We are getting on well with the four year winter work document and next winter we need to deal with a further two bunkers; the one in the pit on the first and the one to the right and just short of the 3rd green. Priority to be given to making good these areas rather than starting new large projects.
2. TG to obtain quotes for the spraying of weeds on the fairways.
3. We have a large number of rabbits again. DC to speak to Tid Smith.
4. Course furniture. Carole Bray has agreed to put together a work party to deal with this matter.
5. 20 tons of bunker sand required at a cost of £720. Agreed to purchase.

1. TG to arrange for a quote from Sands, Stalham regarding work required on the sprayer. TL agreed to assist by taking it to the company rather than them coming out. Having obtained the quote we can assess how we carry this matter forward.
2. Much of the winter servicing work had been completed in house but the units have been sent away. They are now back and re-assembled.
3. The deck on the rough cutter requires attention and once again TL has offered to look at this. TL also looking into other problems with the machine.
4. TG spoke of the utility vehicle stating that it is slowing down and that it is not up to some of the jobs it is required to do. He stated that since we sold the second tractor some jobs are taking longer than they would have done before.
5. Old equipment. Some interest has been shown in the mole plough by West Runton Golf Club but they have not come back with an offer. TL agreed to take it, together with an old scarifyer and two old mowers to a sale.

Miscellaneous matters:
1. It was agreed to purchase a few more rubbish bins for tees on the course.
2. Minor damage to the apron of the 6th green following the influx of people sledging during the snowy weather. Agreed, after a discussion, that there was very little we could do to prevent people sledging on the course, especially when they came in such large numbers.
3. David Briggs had delivered the yellow wooden tee markers.
Any other business:
1. BQ asked if we had any new flags for the greens and TG responded by saying that we had. Agreed that these would be used as soon as the weather improved.
2. RP made mention of the fact that the Ladies stroke indexes would change from the 1st January, 2014. A meeting is to be held with the Handicaps and Competitions Committee regarding this.
3. SA made reference to the amount of voluntary work completed at the club and BR informed the committee that letters of thanks are often sent out, in addition to a verbal message of appreciation.

Date of next meeting:
To be notified.


Minutes of the Greens Committee Meeting - 4th October 2012

Present: Tim Gee, Ryan Pudney, Carole Bray, David Craske and Club Captain Ian Ritchie.

Apologies: Bridget Roper, Tony Lake and Reg Shreeve.

Course update: Tim gave a detailed report to the committee concerning work completed and planned work for the future. Our Captain thanked Tim and Phil for their hard work. Agreed that our winter work would follow the document produced last year and that we should concentrate on the bunkers. Agreed, where possible, to use areas around the main tees when they were not in use, rather than putting out the tee boxes. In the Spring we will need to spray the fairways to combat weeds, Tim to make enquiries regarding costs including an approach to Mike Pardon to see if he could carry out the work.

Suggestions from club members: Agreed that on occasions the 8th yellow tees be placed behind the red tees on the area mainly used for the ladies. Also agreed that Tim and David look at the area in front of the 12th tee with a view to growing the semi rough where there is presently fairway. This is in an effort to prevent men driving to that area from their 14th tee. David to report back to next meeting.

Any other business: Agreed that Tim would purchase some covers for the temporary green holes. David and Tim to deal with purchasing four shrubs, on behalf of Janet Self, to be planted to the left of the 5th fairway in the area near the shelter. Ryan thanked David for the work he had carried out on the course during the year. Preferred lies to be introduced as soon as required.

Date of next meeting: To be confirmed.


Minutes of the Greens Committee Meeting - 5th April 2012

Present: D. Craske, T. Gee, R. Pudney, R. Shreeve, T. Lake, C. Bray and I. Ritchie.

Apologies: B. Roper.

The minutes from the last meeting held on 250112 were discussed and the following matters arose from them:

1. The wooden pole edging had been treated and laid on the pathway leading to the 1st tee.
2. Ryan had made further enquiries regarding the wash down area and this work must be done before 2015.
3. The benches/patio furniture had been prepared ready to go out on the course and our thanks to Carole for organising the work party. The following people kindly helped with the work: P. Jackman, S. Arnold, P. Holland, C. Watson, A. Sterling, J. Smith, C. Bray, S. Perry, B. Roper and N. Roper.
4. Our thanks to D. Crosby for helping our greens staff with the top dressing work. Thanks also to Chris and David Payne for lending us a tractor and a large mat in connection with the top dressing work. (DC to send a letter)
5. Mike Pardon will help remove the tree branches on the 6th and 7th as agreed at our last meeting.
6. The bins have been replaced on the ladies' 10th and 14th.
7. DC has spoken to Janet Self with regard to her kind offer of a donation of trees in memory of her husband and this work will be completed in the autumn of 2012.

Course update from Tim Gee:
Tim outlined the work that had been completed and what is planned for the coming days. Badgers are roaming the course causing some minor damage on the 1st and 7th.

Greens update:
Members of the committee had been circulated with reports from DC referring to the meetings held with Collier Turf Care and Sherriff Amenity. Two meetings had been also been held with Rigby Taylor. There is common ground following these meetings:

1. Lack of rainfall since the aeration work carried out last October has resulted in slower than anticipated recovery.
2. An intensive programme of aeration work is required over the coming years. This MUST include deep verti draining at least once a year.
3. There is a thatch problem which MUST be addressed if we are to improve the condition of the greens over the coming years.
4. Needs deep scarification to remove thatch (each year up to 5 years)
5. Regular verti cutting.
6. The use of a good quality wetting agent together with regular nutrient input  during the growing season.

The committee agreed to carry out the work as detailed in numbers 2 to 6 above and also agreed that it needs to be carried out when the conditions were right, not when competitions allowed. Agreed that a strategy plan for a period of five years be drawn up by the committee. DC to produce a draft document which can then be discussed by the committee.

Machinery update:
1. The rough cutter had been returned and our thanks to Tony Lake for arranging this on our behalf.
2. One pedestrian mower has been purchased and another will be supplied by Ben Burgess. This matter is urgent in order that the course can be prepared properly prior to the first round of the Myhill and Cullington.

There was no other business.

Date of next meeting to be arranged.

NB. A discussion has taken place between D. Craske, R. Pudney and T. Gee with regard to the three companies that we have spoken to regarding our greens. It was agreed, after different opinions were voiced, to continue to use Collier Turf Care as our primary supplier of products and advice. We would continue to check prices with other companies in order to get the best deals for our club.


Minutes of the Greens Committee Meeting - 25th January 2012

Present: David Craske, Ryan Pudney, Bridget Roper, Carole Bray, Reg Shreeve, Tony Lake and Tim Gee.

Apologies: Ian Ritchie, Club Captain.

Last meeting:
This had taken the form of a course walk and a report had been circulated to all members of the committee but no required amendments had been notified.

Course update from Tim Gee:
Work on the 16th tee, behind the 6th green and the 7th bunker/bank had been completed. The bunker still needs some more turf on the face and will be completed in due course. Tree management work, aeration of tees and greens, fertiliser has been added to tees and greens in addition to normal day to day work has been completed. Work has started to tidy the bunkers but re-shaping may well have to wait until late Autumn. Fairways will be slit again in the near future. Servicing to our machines has been done in house this year and the units have been to Bartrums. The rough cutter is away at the moment as the engine is using a lot of oil. Our pedestrian mowers are in need of replacement and one estimate has been obtained. Tim will obtain further estimates and will liaise win Ryan and Reg regarding the purchase of these mowers which will be required in March/April. Estimated expenditure is in the region of £2,000. Tim stated that the condition of the 4th green was causing concern as the recovery from aeration work was much slower than expected. Agreed that we should seek a second opinion in addition to the advice Collier Turf had given us. The Seniors had donated £350 to the club for the purchase of wooden pole edging for the pathway by the 1st tee. These have been delivered and will be treated before being up in position.

Machinery wash down area:
Agreed that DC should investigate what is required, if indeed anything is, to comply with Health and Safety in respect of our wash down area. If work is needed, then he should find out what options are available to us and report back at a later date.

Benches and patio furniture:
CB kindly agreed to arrange a working party to prepare these items ready to be returned to the course in the spring.

Suggestion Book:
A discussion took place with regard to making a pathway through the gorse to the right of the 5th fairway. Agreed that this work would not be undertaken.

Organic Course:
It was agreed that we would not seek to make our course organic.

Tree branches:
Agreed to remove a large branch overhanging a bunker on the 6th and another which was overhanging the frost hole on the 7th.

Donation of trees by Janet Self:
Agreed DC and TG investigate what is required before liaising with members by e mail or phone.

Rubbish bins:
Agreed that we should purchase new bins for the ladies 10th and 14th tees.

Date of next meeting:
To be notified.

Winter Course Work Plan for 2011 – 2013/14

During 2011, my first year as Chairman of the Green Committee, I have spent quite a lot of time listening to our Green Keepers, Ryan Pudney, Roger Nicholson and to the staff at Collier Turf Care in an effort to improve my knowledge of course maintenance. I have also listened to the views of a cross section of our members. Over the last few years the condition of the course has improved and we must continue to work hard to ensure that we maintain this standard. Our aim is, however, to improve the presentation year upon year which will make it even more attractive to members and green fees alike. We feel that it is important to present the course in such a condition that it is equally fair to all ranges of ability, not just those with a single figure handicap. The every day work continues to be our priority throughout the year, but during the winter period we can carry out projects to improve certain areas. These projects are always dependent upon available time, finance and of course the weather conditions. The Green Committee has held meetings, including a course walk, in order to pool our thoughts from which certain decisions could be made. This report sets out the work that we hope to complete before the end of the 2013/14 winter period and the work that we have completed or is in progress.

1. An area behind the 6th green had become a problem, as taking a drop from the Out of Bounds fence was becoming unfair as the ball invariably went back against the fence. The area needed a large amount of soil, re-seeding and then the grass will be allowed to grow as semi rough in order to help prevent balls reaching the fence. At the time of writing this report (18.11.11) the area has been re-seeded but is still marked as Ground under Repair until such time as the area becomes playable again.

2. Work had to be undertaken to shore up the bank to the right hand side of the 7th green as it was eroding away and becoming a Health and Safety issue. It was decided to fill in two thirds of the bunker leaving the front portion in place. A large amount of soil was used to shore up the green by making a bank where the bunker had been. The area between the bank and the gorse bushes by the road side also had a large quantity of soil placed upon it order to make it easier to maintain. The whole area was re-seeded and taken out of play by making it Ground under Repair. The remaining bunker was shaped and new turf added to the face to complete the job. This area will be out of play until later in 2012 when the grass will be allowed to grow to at least semi-rough height.

3. A large branch on a fir tree to the left and just short of the 7th green was removed as it was becoming too large and thought to be interfering with the playability of the hole.

4. It has been felt for some time that our bunkers are the weak link in an otherwise strong chain. It has been decided that the following major work needs to be carried out and the remaining bunkers need to receive less attention. Although I will not mention it under each individual bunker some will need additional sand and all will need a general tidy.

a. First hole: The bunker in the pit is very difficult to maintain and the bank is eroding badly into it. The front half of the bunker will have soil added and sloped down towards the back half. The slope will have turf laid upon it and the remaining bunker shaped as an oval.

b. Second hole: Dealing first with the bunker on the left hand side of the fairway approx. 100 yards from the teeing ground. The face has become difficult to maintain and is thought to be too high for a fairway bunker. It will be lowered, re-shaped and new turf laid.

c. The next is short of the green on the left hand side of the fairway to the right of the back to back bunkers. The top of the bunker, closest to the green needs peeling back and new turf laid to make a better shape. The height of the bunker will remain as it is now.

Similar work will be undertaken to the two greenside bunkers.

d. Third hole: After crossing the road there are back to back bunkers with a bank between them on the left hand side of the fairway and they need major work. The bank between the bunkers will be enlarged and sloped both ways into them. The bank will be re-seeded or new turf laid and will be allowed to grow longer than it is at the present time. All the sand from them will be sieved to remove the many stones in them. The bunkers will be edged once again to complete the job.

The greenside bunker to the left of the green needs the left side re-shaped and the top by the green needs to be dropped in height. It will then need new turf added.

The hazard on the right hand side (Captains’ bunker) has a severe lip. This needs to have soil added and the top sloped towards the sand.

e. Fourth hole: The bunker on the left side of the fairway will have the height of the face reduced.

f. Fifth hole: The area of grass on the sloped bank by the large bunker on the right hand side of the fairway will be left to grow longer in an effort to thicken it up. The greenside bunker to the right of the green needs new turf at the top.

g. Sixth hole:  The two cross bunkers need work to the tops, all sand to be sieved to remove the many stones and edged. The double bunkers on the right side of the fairway to have gentler slopes into them and some re-shaping to the one closest to the wood.

h. Seventh hole: The pot bunker to the left of the green needs sand moving from the front towards the face and this will help balls to run into it better. Attention to the top of this bunker also needed. The large cross bunker needs a large amount of sand moving towards the face and this will again help balls to run into it. Some small areas need new turf.

i. Eighth hole:  All bunkers on this hole merely need a general tidy.

j. Ninth hole:  The first large bunker on the left side of the fairway to be re-defined (especially along the left side), the front face to be changed so that there is a gentler slope which will aid in the maintenance and help prevent erosion. The pot bunker to the left of the green needs soil under new turf on the top and sand moved towards the face.

a. The 16th ladies/men’s competition tee to be levelled and new turf added. It is hoped that this work will be completed before the end of 2011. The bench will be moved to the rear of this tee from its present position.

b. The men’s 16th yellow teeing area to be increased in size by taking in approx. half of the small area that used to be the ladies 16th tee. This work cannot be started until (a) above has been completed and the teeing area taken back into play.

c. The men’s 14th tee to be levelled, enlarged and new turf added. There are other tees that need similar work and this work will be done as and when time becomes available.

6. Our pathways need attention each winter and the question of Astroturf has been discussed at length. We would like to try one small area of pathway and this would then let us evaluate costs, wear etc.

7. One other matter, although not winter work, was discussed during the course walk and has also been spoken about at our meetings. Over a period of years the 8th green has been “moved forward” by several feet due to the fact that the back portion became increasingly wet. However, recent drainage work appears to have resolved this problem and we intend to start to gradually “move the green back”.

In addition to the above winter projects other smaller matters will be attended to and will include repairing general wear to the course. One such area is between the 4th green and the 5th teeing area which has become badly worn due to the large amount of traffic that uses it. In time I feel sure that other issues will need attention and we will address them as they arise.

Finally, we would like to pay tribute to the tremendous work ethic of our two Green Keepers, Tim and Phil who take a great deal of pride in everything they do on our behalf. They always go the extra mile for us and there is no doubt they are very professional in all their tasks.

D.B. Craske, Chairman of the Green Committee.